English as a global language

English is taught in classes 5 – 10 and offers a wide range of extras in order to make the language come alive.

At the end of class 5, the pupils are orally tested in a party role-play.  Afterwards, there is an actual party, where they offer their teachers and administrators delicacies from their buffet and engage in small talk.

London’s Calling! In class 8 we offer the chance to live with host families in a London suburb for a week.  Have a look at our pictures and you’ll see some of the exciting places we visit in one of the top metropoles of Europe!  Their skills are put to the test when ordering food, or shopping for their “I © London!” t-shirts.

Class 8 explores the USA and the chance to try some of America’s favorite foods.

The students are exposed to the world of work in class 9, and with it comes the oral exam of applying for a job in English.  In 2017, the 9th graders in Kreuzau presented their “own company” to one of Kreuzau’s firms and were well rewarded for their efforts.

Novels are read, films are watched, all giving our students the opportunity to learn the number 1 language of the world.